Operational Review

T&D Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi Fujise Representative Director and President

As the T&D Life Group’s core asset management company, T&D Asset Management aims to become a trusted asset management company in the eyes of customers.
Hiroshi Fujise
Representative Director and President

Operational Review and the Progress on the Medium-Term Management Plan

T&D Asset Management conducts investment trust business under which it sells investment trusts to investors through banks and securities companies, and investment advisory business under which it concludes investment advisory agreements, and manages the funds of pension funds and institutional investors.

Under the current medium-term management plan, the company is working to further strengthen its competitiveness by differentiating its asset management and product development capabilities in accordance with the strategic policy of “Make a Difference.”

In fiscal 2016, investment trust assets under management stood at ¥1,064.0 billion, an increase of ¥450.6 billion from the previous fiscal year-end. This increase mainly reflected solid growth in the balance of assets under management centered on privately placed investment trusts.

On the earnings front, adjusted operating income rose 4.2% year on year to ¥2.5 billion, due to the increase in the balance of assets under management.

Looking ahead, as the asset management firm of the T&D Life Group, the company will continue to provide asset management services for the Group’s life insurance companies and for external customers as the two main pillars of the company’s business.

Adjusted Operating Income (by Business)

Graph: Adjusted Operating Income (by Business)
Outlook for Full-Year Key Performance Indicator
Fiscal 2017
 Adjusted operating income*
¥3.0 billion
* Adjusted operating income is the actual income of T&D Asset Management after deducting commissions to sales companies and fees to external investment institutions to which asset management is entrusted.
Fundamental Strategy
  • Further strengthen its competitiveness under a strategic policy of implementing both differentiation strategy based on “ Make a Difference” slogan and customer-oriented management based on fiduciary duty
  • Enhance growth areas by strategically allocating management resources
  • Continue to transform the earnings structure to further improve management efficiency
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