Operational Review

Daido Life Insurance Company

Minoru Kudo Representative Director and President

Daido Life aims to bring the greatest peace of mind and the utmost satisfaction to small and medium enterprise (SME) customers.
Minoru Kudo
Representative Director and President

Daido Life is a life insurance company that specializes in the SME market, with contracts with some 370,000 corporate clients. The company has focused on developing and selling term insurance since the 1970s, considering it to be the optimal product for companies as it secures greater coverage at a lower premium.

Specifically, the company, which ties up with SME-related organizations and CPTA organizations, positions the offering of its products and services designed according to the organization’s characteristics (partner-specific products) as its core business. The company has established a unique business model of offering these products and services as a benefit and welfare system for the SMEs, through two channels of in-house sales representatives and agents.

Business Model of Daido Life

Figure: Business Model of Daido Life
Outlook for Sales Performance IndicatorsFiscal 2017
 Policy amount in force*
¥41,780 billion
 New policy amount*
¥4,350 billion
* The sum of the death benefit amount of individual insurance and individual annuities, together with the insured amount for critical illnesses for the J-type product (non-participating critical illness insurance), disability income protection for the T-type product (non-participating disability benefit), and Kaigo Relief (non-participating whole life nursing care insurance).
Fundamental Strategy
  • Further evolve the core business of selling partner-specific products through tie-up organizations by “further penetrating core markets” and “creating and expanding new markets.”
Business Model
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