Fiscal 2016 Management Review

Social/Environmental Data

The T&D Life Group has been promoting to nurture a corporate culture where diverse human resources can feel job satisfaction and reach their potential.

Number of Employees*1

Graph: Number of Employees

Ratio/Number of Female Managers*1, 2

Graph: Ratio/Number of Female Managers

Ratio/Number of Employees with Disabilities*1

Graph: Ratio/Number of Employees with Disabilities
  • *1 The data is the sum of the three insurance companies.
  • *2 The data is as of April 1, in the month following the fiscal year-end.

In cooperation with Group companies, the T&D Life Group has set Group-wide targets related to environmental protection, and is working to achieve these targets in the course of its daily business activities.

Electricity Consumption

Graph: Electricity Consumption

Office Paper Consumption

Graph: Office Paper Consumption

Green Purchasing Ratio

Graph: Green Purchasing Ratio
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