Priority Area (3) Global Environmental Protection

The T&D Life Group has set Group-wide targets related to environmental protection with cooperation from Group companies, and is working to achieve these targets in the course of its daily business activities. The Group’s three targets are to reduce electricity consumption, reduce office paper consumption and improve the green purchasing ratio.

Electricity Consumption

Baseline: FY2009 value (Electricity consumption per unit of floor space) (119 kWh/m2)
Target: Five-year average of FY2013 to FY2017 at least 10% below baseline value

  • Indicates limited verification has been carried out by a third party.
Table: Electricity Consumption
  • The average floor space of the fiscal year shall be used in cases where the total floor space changes during the year.
  • *1 Total electric power consumption excludes the portion of electric power used by tenants in Group-owned buildings.
  • *2 Some figures for the previous year are adjusted to reflect additional values.

Office Paper Consumption

Baseline: Five-year average from FY2009 to FY2013 (183.6 t)
Target: Cut five-year average from FY2014 to FY2018 by 9% compared to the baseline value.

  • Indicates limited verification has been carried out by a third party
Table: Office Paper Consumption
  • Total amount of office paper purchased.

Green Purchasing Ratio

Target: Keep the green purchasing ratio for office stationery and supplies at a minimum of 80%.

Table: Green Purchasing Ratio
  • Applies to purchases through online purchasing systems.
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