We will expand collaboration among the Group and strengthen Sustainability promoting efforts

Sustainability promotion framework

The T&D Insurance Group has established the Group SDGs Committee, which consists mainly of officers in charge of sustainability/CSR (planning and CSR) at each Group company. Our sustainability promotion framework has been reinforced to facilitate coordinated efforts by way of deliberation by the Group SDGs Committee of Group-wide sustainability policies and initiatives, while encouraging each Group company to actively pursue sustainability promotion efforts in its respective operations.

Group SDGs Committee (established by reorganizing the Group CSR Committee in April 2019)

The SDGs express the goals of promoting sustainability in a way that is easy to understand. To further strengthen Group cooperation in promoting sustainability, the Group SDGs Committee was established directly under the Board of Directors with the goal of advancing efforts across the Group as a whole. The Committee serves as the cornerstone for promoting sustainability at the Group. It formulates basic policies for the Group’s SDGs and CSR activities and selects priority themes along with drawing up annual plans and regularly confirming the implementation status of those plans. The Group SDGs Committee is chaired by the president of T&D Holdings (representative director and chairperson of the Board of Directors) and vice-chaired by the executive officer in charge of the Group Planning Department. In fiscal 2019, the Committee met five times. All the information shared and the issues deliberated and discussed are reported to the Board of Directors. We also established the Climate Change Risk Subcommittee as a subordinate body of the Group SDGs Committee (April 2020) to proactively address the increasingly important issue of climate change. The Subcommittee is chaired by the General Manager of the Group Planning Department of T&D Holdings, who is in charge of promoting the Group’s sustainability, and consists of the persons (section managers) in charge of the planning, risk management, and asset management departments at each Group company.

In addition, we have established the SDGs Promotion Working Group, which comprises the departments in charge of Sustainability/CSR of T&D Holdings and each Group company. The Working Group shares information on sustainability promotion at each Group company, while assisting with the management and activities of the Group SDGs Committee, in order to advance each Group company’s sustainability promotion.

Executive officer in charge of Sustainability at T&D Holdings

Mitsuhiro Nagata, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer (FY2019)

100% attendance at Group SDGs Committee meetings in fiscal 2019

Department in Charge of Sustainability promotion at T&D Holdings

Sustainability Division, Group Planning Department at T&D Holdings

Departments in Charge of Sustainability/CSR at Group Companies

Established departments in charge of Sustainability/CSR at Group companies (planning departments, public relations departments)

Sustainability Promotion System in the T&D Insurance Group (as of July, 2020)

Sustainability Promotion System in the T&D Insurance Group (as of July, 2020)

Management Approach

T&D Holdings is promoting activities for each of the core subjects and themes of ISO 26000, through the meeting structure shown in the table below.

Core Subjects and Themes of ISO 26000 Meeting Structure (Chairperson)
Organizational governance

Executive Committee [President of T&D Holdings] (reorganized into Executive Management Board in June 2020)

Group Management Committee [President of T&D Holdings] (reorganized into Group Strategy Board in June 2020)

Human rights Due diligence, human rights risk situations, avoidance of complicity, discrimination and vulnerable groups Group Compliance Committee [President of T&D Holdings]
Labor practices Employment and employment relationships, conditions of work and social protection, social dialogue, health and safety at work, human development and training in the workplace Human Resources Strategy Council [Executive officer in charge of personnel at T&D Holdings] (transitioned to Group HR Committee in June 2020)
The environment Prevention of pollution, sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adaptation, protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats Group SDGs Committee [President of T&D Holdings]
Fair operating practices Anti-corruption, responsible political involvement, fair competition, respect for property rights Group Compliance Committee [President of T&D Holdings]
Social responsibility in the value chain Group Risk Management Committee [Executive officer in charge of risk management at T&D Holdings]
Consumer issues Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution, education and awareness Customer service department and product development department of each major group company
Consumer data protection and privacy Group Risk Management Committee [Executive officer in charge of risk management at T&D Holdings]
Community involvement and development Community involvement Group SDGs Committee [President of T&D Holdings]

The activities of the core subjects and themes of ISO 26000, other than Group CSR committees, are described below.

Executive Management Board and Group Strategy Board (reorganized from Executive Committee and Group Management Committee in June 2020)

T&D Holdings has established an Executive Management Board and Group Strategy Board. The Executive Management Board is composed of the chairman, president, executive vice president, and executive officers, and primarily discusses and resolves important matters related to the management of the Company and of the Group. The Group Strategy Board consists of the president, executive officers in charge of the business planning units and business management units, and the presidents of Taiyo Life and Daido Life, who are also members of the Group’s Board of Directors. The Group Strategy Board discusses matters related to the Group’s growth strategies and other important matters associated with them.

Group Compliance Committee

This committee was established under the Board of Directors to strengthen the Group’s compliance structure. Its chairperson is the president. The vice chairperson is the executive officer in charge of the Risk Management Department (responsible for compliance). In addition to promoting, monitoring and improving the Group’s compliance structure, the committee investigates, plans, and discusses fair business performance, human rights violations, and other such issues. The committee verifies the compliance status of the T&D Insurance Group Compliance Code of Conduct and the effectiveness of the compliance structure through periodic monitoring of the Group’s compliance practices and deliberations on them. The committee held four meetings in fiscal 2019 and reported issues covered and information shared to the Board of Directors.

Human Resources Strategy Council

T&D Holdings and the three life insurance companies share information about labor-related matters regarding the administrative personnel employed by the Group. The Group has established the Human Resources Strategy Committee in order to cooperate in conducting surveys, formulating plans and holding consultations regarding important matters of policy to which the Group should respond. The chairperson of the committee is the T&D Holdings executive officer responsible for human resources, and the committee members are the heads of the human resource departments of the three life insurance companies. The committee meets every month. The Human Resources Strategy Council is promoting efforts to create a corporate culture that diverse human resources will find engaging to work in and that enables them to reach their full potential. The council does this by conducting surveys, formulating plans and holding consultations regarding policies and management methods concerned with the Group’s labor-related matters. These include promoting the active participation of women and other forms of diversity, developing human resources, promoting a good work-life balance, and ensuring the health and protecting the safety of employees. (Activities in FY2019. In June 2020 the Council transitioned to the Group HR Committee, which reviews Group human resources strategies.)

Group Risk Management Committee

Positioned directly under the Executive Committee (the Executive Management Board after June 2020), the Group Risk Management Committee manages and controls risks that the T&D Insurance Group is exposed to and ensures thorough risk management. The Committee chairperson is the executive officer in charge of the Risk Management Department. The Committee also engages in conducting surveys, formulating plans, and holding consultations regarding the risks associated with the outsourcing management of our business partners. In fiscal 2019, the Committee held 18 meetings and reported the results of deliberations to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.