T&D Insurance Group's Corporate Philosophy

With our "Try & Discover" motto for creating value, we aim to be a group that contributes to all people and societies.

T&D Insurance Group's Management Vision

Sow happiness, make change with boldness

Unpacking the vision through a story

We have always protected the happiness of people.
By facing each and every customer with care,
Together, we have supported their livelihoods as one.

Now, society is changing at unprecedented pace and people’s lifestyles are diversifying.
There is no standard anymore for the way families are, the way we work,
As well as the shapes our happiness might take.
Can we really say that today’s insurance answers such turbulent change?

One by one, by carefully stacking the trust we have gained from our customers,
The strength that only our group has nurtured becomes visible.
The possibility it withholds expands widely, going beyond all prevailing boundaries.

Take the “one” in front of us as a starting point, and
Let’s recognize the world changing quicker than anyone else.
Let’s adapt to our changing society more flexibly than anyone else,
Taking steps with initiative, with boldness.
Let’s go beyond the boundaries of organizations,
Involve people who resonate with our beliefs, and
Become a comprehensive insurance group that can create happiness
For each and every person in the world.

Our origin is to face each “one” in front of us with care.
To recognize change and take on challenges with boldness.
This accumulation is what creates happiness in the world.
This is what we believe to be true.