Group Structure

T&D Insurance Group (the “Group”) is a distinctive group. Life insurance is our core business, and our three life insurance companies pursue market specialization strategies. The Group also includes closed book business, asset management business and pet insurance business, which have an affinity with the life insurance business.

Graph of "Group structure".

Business Models (three core life insurance companies)

Under a holding company structure, Taiyo Life, Daido Life, and T&D Financial Life have established highly unique and specialized business models through integrated marketing strategies focused on different markets, sales channels and products.

T&D Insurance Group [Taiyo Life] Market: Households, Saleschannel: In-house sales representatives, Products: Comprehensive coverage including death benefit and medical/nursing care products [Daido Life] Market: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Saleschannel: In-house sales representatives, Agents (tax accountants, etc.), Products: Term life insurance, Disability benefit, etc. [T&D Financial Life] Market: Independent insuranceagent market, Saleschannel: Independent insurance agents (financial institutions and insurance shops), Products: Savings-type products (foreigncurrency linked type, etc.) Protection-type products (Income protection insurance, etc.)