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Purpose of the Site

The Site is intended solely to provide financial and management information, etc., regarding T&D Holdings, Inc. (the Company) and its subsidiaries and affiliates. In no way does the Site aim to solicit the purchase or sale of securities issued by the Company. When making an investment, please do so at your own discretion.

Insider Trading

In some instances, material facts may be released on the Site before "publication" as referred to in Article 166, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan ("publication" means, (i) the statement of material facts in securities reports, semi-annual reports, interim reports, etc. submitted to the Prime Minister and subsequently provided for public inspection, (ii) the disclosure of relevant material facts to more than two prescribed mass media at least twelve hours previously, or (iii) the issue of a prescribed notice concerning the relevant material facts to securities exchanges or the Securities Dealers Association concurrently with the disclosure of the relevant material facts for public inspection at the relevant securities exchanges or the Securities Dealers Association in accordance with the prescribed methods).

Accordingly, persons who see the relevant material facts on the Site before "publication" shall be deemed to be "first information recipients" as provided in the insider trading regulations. In the event persons who see such material facts on the Site trade in the stock, etc., of the Company before the relevant "publication," such transaction may infringe the insider trading regulations of the Securities and Exchange Law of Japan. Please note this possibility and exercise caution.

In some cases, not all the information disclosed to securities exchanges, etc., by the Company is placed on the Site. In other cases, the language used on the Site may differ from that used in other methods of disclosure of the information.

Correctness and Completeness

While the Company makes every effort to provide correct and up-to-date information, the Company in no way guarantees the correctness or completeness of the information provided on the Site. Users who use any information obtained through the Site do so at their own discretion, and the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any losses (including the loss of programs or data in user hardware) incurred due to use of the Site or any information provided on the Site.

Forward-looking Statements

The Site includes descriptions of anticipated future performance. All such statements are created in accordance with certain conditions such as the economic climate and business policies prevailing when the descriptions were first provided. No information or statements provided on the Site shall be construed as guarantees of the future performance of the Company. In addition, please be aware that, due to changes in the environment surrounding future management and other factors, the actual performance of the Company may vary greatly from the outlook provided on the Site.


The Company possesses such rights as copyrights of all contents on the Site. No person may use the contents of the Site without prior permission of the Company. Contents mean text, drawings, photos, moving images and voice files, the composition and editing of such, and all literary works protected under the Copyright Law and other laws.


Other websites created or managed by persons affiliated or unaffiliated with the Company may provide links to the Site. The Company makes no representations or warranties concerning the details, actions or operators of such other websites. Furthermore, the posting of links to the Site on other websites (regardless of whether such websites are operated by persons affiliated or unaffiliated with the Company) does not mean that the Company has approved the details, actions, or operators of these other websites.

When making links from other sites to this Site, please view all of the requirements described on "Terms of Use" page.

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Personal Information Protection

It is possible that the Company will obtain personal information from users of the Site, exclusively for the purpose of providing them with its services and relevant information. Without their prior consent delivered in person, the Company will not use the obtained personal information for other than the original purpose, except as permitted by laws and regulations. Also, the Company will maintain the accuracy of the obtained personal information, which the Company will safely protect and control in all phases of processing, including acquisition, use, and abolishment. Please note that the company may consign the handling of the obtained personal information to third companies, subject to its strict supervision.

In April 1, 2005, T&D Holdings established the Privacy Policy for Personal Information Protection. The Company will ensure that all possible efforts are made to protect personal information based on this privacy policy, and in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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The Company makes no guarantee that the services provided on the Site are free from defects. Furthermore, the Company may change or modify the contents of the Site as necessary or close the Site with no prior announcement to users.