Basic Compliance Policies

The T&D Insurance Group has formulated the T&D Insurance Group CSR Charter, the T&D Insurance Group Compliance Code of Conduct, and the T&D Insurance Group Basic Policy for Strengthening the Compliance Structure. The Group ensures that corporate officers and employees are conversant with these basic compliance policies and standards to promote rigorous Group-wide compliance efforts.

Graph of "Basic Compliance Policies"

Adherence to the T&D Insurance Group Compliance Code of Conduct

With our "Try & Discover" motto for creating value, we aim to be a group that contributes to all people and society. Guided by this corporate philosophy, the T&D Insurance Group has established the T&D Insurance Group Compliance Code of Conduct to conduct fair and appropriate business activities with integrity and sincerity for all stakeholders, including customers.

In the course of conducting business activities, the Group's corporate officers and employees must conduct business fairly in accordance with the T&D Insurance Group Compliance Code of Conduct by correctly understanding laws, regulations and other rules pertaining to business activities and ensuring strict compliance with them. Moreover, the T&D Insurance Group will endeavor to foster a corporate culture that respects the purpose and spirit of this Code of Conduct.

Recognizing its duty to implement the spirit of the T&D Insurance Group Compliance Code of Conduct, the T&D Insurance Group's management shall endeavor to set a good example through its own conduct, and strive to make the Code of Conduct known throughout the Group and provide guidance to ensure Group-wide compliance.

Compliance Promotion System

T&D Holdings is responsible for comprehensively promoting compliance throughout the T&D Insurance Group, taking into account the business scale and special characteristics of the three insurance companies and other Group companies.

The compliance promotion system centers on the Group Compliance Committee, a subordinate body of the Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for monitoring and improving compliance activities throughout the Group. Chaired by the president and comprising all executive officers with responsibility for business execution, the committee deliberates on various compliance-related issues, and ensures that measures in line with those decisions are thoroughly implemented.

The unit responsible for comprehensively implementing compliance promotion activities is the Risk Management Department, which works with the compliance departments of each of the life insurance companies, while conducting periodic monitoring and providing guidance and assistance. Compliance promotion systems at the three life insurance companies are centered on the compliance committees and departments of each company.

Compliance Implementation

By implementing measures based on the fundamental policies just described and paying due consideration to the business scale and special characteristics of each Group company, the T&D Insurance Group strives to ensure employee consciousness of compliance issues. For example, the Group has established a Compliance Program to serve as a plan for ensuring strict compliance performance among all directors and employees at T&D Holdings, the three life insurance companies, and other Group companies. Moreover, the Group has created Compliance Guidelines to provide concrete explanations of how to thoroughly implement compliance regulations in the course of business operations.

Internal Reporting System

T&D Insurance Group has created a Group-wide internal reporting system, the T&D Group Help Line, which is intended to serve as a conduit for reports from any officer or Group employee on instances of illegal behavior and other compliance infractions that may damage the Group’s credibility or reputation. The system helps to forestall if possible the occurrence of such events and quickly assess and remedy the situation if not. Rules have been established that stipulate that whistleblowers will not suffer from any disadvantageous treatment due to their submission of reports, and the employment of an outside report reception company facilitates the strict preservation of whistleblowers' anonymity.
Furthermore, T&D Group Help Line has been registered as “Whistleblowing Compliance Management System (*) certified (self-declaration of conformity registration system)” under Consumer Affairs Agency on March 5th, 2021. Going forward, the Group will make the utmost efforts to comply with all the requirements of compliance, using these inside informant systems.

* A system where if a company, through its internal evaluation finds that their internal reporting system meets the “Guidelines for Private Enterprises Regarding the Development and Operation of Internal Reporting Systems Based on the Whistleblower Protection Act “, then it is granted permission to use WCMS mark upon examination and validation conducted by designated registration organization (Japan Institute of Business Law ).

<WCMS mark>

WCMS mark

Protection of Personal Information

T&D Holdings established the Privacy Policy for Personal Information Protection. The Company will ensure that all possible efforts are made to protect personal information based on this privacy policy, and in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.