Sow happiness,
make change with boldness

I wish to thank all of you for your kind and continuing support.

The Group is a distinctive life insurance group. Life insurance is our core business, and our three life insurance companies—Taiyo Life, Daido Life, and T&D Financial Life—pursue market specialization strategies. The Group also includes T&D Asset Management (asset management), Pet & Family (pet insurance), and T&D United Capital (investment business) which have an affinity with the life insurance business. While each operating company takes maximum advantage of its uniqueness and expertise, T&D Holdings, in its role as holding company, manages the Group to ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, pursuing overall optimization and bolstering Group capabilities.

In keeping with the Group’s corporate philosophy, “With our ‘Try & Discover’ motto for creating value, we aim to be a group that contributes to all people and societies,” we are striving to realize sustainable growth by creating shared value; that is, we will create both value for society (social values)and value for the company (economic values)through our business.

Under hitherto our mid-term management plans, we have set management targets in anticipation of the future and built strategies that are required in order to implement this Group corporate philosophy. However, under today's increasing uncertainty, future forecasts are difficult, and sticking to the strategy originally established may narrow down options and even hamper growth. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly more crucial as corporate management, to clearly define “how we want to be (vision)” as a company that is not affected by surrounding changes, determine what is necessary in light of the vision, and have a sense of flexibility and speed in the way of thinking and action to be put in place.

Accordingly, we have established Group long-term vision of “Try & Discover 2025” -In Pursuit of the Happiness of All Stakeholders-in May 2021, which defines what we aim to be in the medium-to long-term and sets strategic policies to achieve such figure. In this long-term vision, we have defined the Group management vision as “ Sow happiness, make change with boldness”, and set "financial KPIs" and "non-financial KPIs" as new Group KPIs. We will continue to realize “creating shared value” by steadily practicing the 5 Primary Issues for the growth of the Group.

By fostering common Group values through the vision, and by each company implementing action plans in line with the Group vision, the Group will achieve sustainable growth even through the highly uncertain “era of VUCA”. I request your continuing understanding and support for the Group.

June 2021

Hirohisa Uehara

Representative Director and President

T&D Holdings, Inc.