Fiscal 2019 Activity Report

Nationwide Clean Campaign Taiyo Life

Taiyo Life is active in cleanup efforts nationwide, an activity that contributes to the local community. We have cleaned up the areas around our headquarters each year since 1982. Since 2004, we have conducted cleanups around our branches nationwide as part of the “Nationwide Clean Campaign,” from as far north as Hokkaido to as far south as Okinawa. In fiscal 2019, a total of 6,779 people (including employees’ family members) participated nationwide. Employees are united in their commitment to contribute to society, conducting the cleanups as a way to thank our local communities for their long-standing support.

Daido Life Employees’ Community Contribution Club

The Daido Life Employees’ Community Contribution Club, which was established in 1992 as an independent organization for corporate citizenship activities and is composed of Daido Life’s executives and employees, works to promote and support fundraising activities and volunteer activities. In addition, since 1994, the club has been implementing the One-day Outing Volunteer Activity for the Physically Disabled. Under this program, employees take volunteer work leave to help people with physical disabilities, who are rarely able to go outside in everyday life, so that they can take part in an outing. The program offers participants opportunities to deepen their understanding of disabilities by directly interacting with disabled people while talking and dining together, assisting wheelchair users, providing walking assistance and so forth.

Major Activities in FY2019
  • Fundraising and donations: Proceeds from donations from executives and employees and revenues from the charity calendar exhibitions were used as funds to make contributions to organizations that support social charitable activities and facilities for the disabled affected by natural disasters such as the Reiwa 1 East Japan Typhoon.
  • Volunteering: We provided operational and other support for the One-day Outing Volunteer Activity for the Physically Disabled and for a music concert by persons with disabilities.
  • Collection of used postage stamps and other items: The items collected from headquarters divisions, branches nationwide, and affiliates benefit international medical cooperation through donations to organizations that support social contribution activities. We are also making donations to UNICEF through the collection of plastic bottle caps.

Supporting the Japan Down Syndrome Society Taiyo Life

Taiyo Life and members of Taiyo Life Goodwill Circles (“Friends”) support the Japan Down Syndrome Society.

Main Activities
  • Support activities as a supporting member of the association
  • Provide Taiyo Life conference rooms for use as venues for seminars held by the association and for meetings of its Board of Trustees and Board of Directors
  • Participation of the corporate officers and employees of branches and head office departments as volunteers at association activities

Supporting Sports for People with Disabilities Daido Life

The first National Sports Games for the Mentally Handicapped (Yuaipic)* was held in 1992, when Daido Life celebrated its 90th anniversary. Since then, Daido Life has been a special sponsor of the National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities every year. It is the largest sports event for people with disabilities in Japan, aiming at helping the disabled experience the joy of playing sports, raising public awareness about their lives, and promoting greater social participation. Every year, Daido Life sets up a company booth in the Fureai Hiroba (Get-Together Plaza), a venue for interacting with participating athletes. The executives and employees of Daido Life, Taiyo Life, and other affiliated organizations work as volunteers to support this event.

We have been official partners of the Japanese Para Sports Association since January 2015 and of the Japan Para Archery Federation since January 2018. As a partner, we have worked to develop sports for persons with disabilities and to spread awareness.

* The National Sports Games for the Mentally Handicapped merged with the National Sports Games for the Physically Disabled in 2001, and has been held as the National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities since then.

The GDH Together Movement Daido Life

Starting in fiscal 2017, Daido Life has implemented the GDH Together Movement on a company-wide basis as part of its regional and social contribution activities. For this movement, each division at the head office and branches throughout Japan expresses its creativity through various activities that contribute to the SDGs, such as community-based cleaning activities, support for persons with disabilities, and donations to developing countries.

* GDH (Gross Daido Happiness) indicates the satisfaction levels of all stakeholders related to Daido Life.

Official Partner Agreement Concluded with Japan Deaf Football Association (JDFA) T&D Financial Life Insurance

T&D Financial Life Insurance signed an official partner agreement with the Japan Deaf Football Association in June 2018. As an official partner, T&D Financial Life will contribute to the development and spread of deaf soccer and futsal, by supporting the activities of the Japan national deaf soccer and futsal teams, and promoting sports for persons with disabilities.