The T&D Insurance Group strives to grow continuously together with society while contributing to ensuring stable, long-term profitability and the formation of a sustainable society through promoting investment and financing that considers ESG issues, namely, environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) issues, in line with the Group’s management philosophy.

1. Investment and financing activities that consider ESG issues

We incorporate ESG issues into the asset management process and make investment and financing decisions that promote our asset management to achieve a sustainable society.

2. Constructive dialogue on ESG issues with investees

    We undertake appropriate stewardship activities that integrate ESG factors, with the aim of improving the corporate value of investee companies and contributing to resolving social issues.

3. Cooperation in ESG investment and financing and support for the development of a sound market

    Through cooperation with Group companies in ESG investment and financing activities and sharing information with industry organizations, we strive to sophisticate the asset management process of ESG investment and financing, and support the sound development of its market.

4. Enhancement of disclosure regarding ESG investment and financing initiatives

We will appropriately disclose the status of our ESG investment and financing activities.

Invest to help build a sustainable society

Please see “Priority Theme 4 Invest to help build a sustainable society” for our ESG investment and financing efforts.