The T&D Insurance Group (the "Group" or "we") positions '"human resources" as the most important and greatest driving force for its business activities to realize the Group's corporate philosophy "With our Try & Discover motto for creating value, we aim to be a group that contributes to all people and societies,"' and has established the following basic policies for its human resources management.

1. Our Vision

  • Recognizing the social mission and responsibilities of each company in the Group, we will contribute to society through the growth of each and every employee and the sustainable growth of the Group.
  • The Group's diverse human resources will boldly take on future-oriented challenges (Try), and through the discoveries they make (Discover), flexibly respond to changes in society and diverse values, and create new value.
  • By embracing the diversity of its human resources (Diversity) and fostering a sense of unity (Inclusion), we will build a corporate culture of mutual trust, appreciation and respect among employees, and aim to become a corporate group where employees can feel a sense of pride and responsibility in being members of the Group.

2. Fostering a Corporate Culture

We will cultivate an open corporate culture in which each and every employee feels fulfilled in his or her work, is motivated to develop himself or herself to contribute to the Group's growth, and is able to demonstrate his or her abilities to the fullest.

3. Health-Oriented Management

We believe that the physical and mental health of our employees and their families is the foundation for realizing the Group's corporate philosophy and continuing to pursue the Group's growth. Based on this belief, we will create an environment in which employees can engage in their work with peace of mind and work with vigor.

4. Hiring

We will hire diverse human resources who share the Group's corporate philosophy and can be expected to passionately and vigorously promote initiatives aimed at realizing our vision as members of the Group.

5. Human Resource Development

We will develop autonomous human resources with high integrity (sincerity, diligence and nobility), flexibility to accept changes in society and diverse values, and a global perspective as members of the Group, who understand the direction of the Group, work diligently on their own tasks, think independently, act proactively, and can deliver the expected results.

6. Staffing

In order to ensure that each and every employee is able to maximize his or her potential, we will allocate appropriate human resources to meet the strategic human resource allocation needs of the Group and its group companies, taking into account each employee's career orientation, ability and aptitude. In addition, we will rotate personnel to lead to the development of human resources with a medium- to long-term perspective, who are suitable candidates for future leaders who can drive the growth of the Group and its group companies.

7. Offer of Opportunities

We will offer opportunities for personnel with high ethical standards and professional awareness and responsibility to take the initiative in taking on challenges for further growth, both in Japan and overseas.

8. Personnel Evaluation

We will conduct fair and convincing personnel evaluations that lead to increased motivation and job satisfaction for each employee by aligning the job-related goals of each employee with the direction of the Group and its group companies, leading to the growth of each employee through reflection on the results and status of efforts toward goals, and reflecting the results achieved in personnel treatment, etc.

9. Remuneration

We will reward each and every employee fairly in the form of remuneration, comprehensively taking into consideration his or her role to be played, results he or she achieved, and his or her contribution to the growth of the Group and its group companies, etc.