Definition of Supply Chain

T&D Holdings defines its supply chain as shown in the table below, and works toward widespread sustainability and CSR through that supply chain.

Activities Supply chain
Sales of products and services Media Manufacturing of media to be used in the sales of products and services
Sales agents Sales agents
Contracting work ICT systems, consulting, auditing
Office buildings Buildings Construction, maintenance, administration of office buildings
Energy consumed Petroleum refining and distribution, electric power providers
Waste Waste disposal companies
Delivery Delivery company
Movement of employees Business trips Airplane, rail, bus, taxi, accommodation
Commuting Rail, bus
Investment Investees

Cooperation with Suppliers

Management of Outsourcing of Business Operations

The T&D Insurance Group outsources some business operations to third parties. In order to maintain our management soundness and strengthen our management control capability, we have prepared the adequate management system for outsourcing, specifically by formulating the methodology to select outsourcing partners and supervise them.

T&D Holdings has formulated a Pre-checklist to Scrutinize Outsourcing Partners as a part of the Guidelines for Outsourcing and Detailed Rules on Risk Evaluation for Outsourcing, based on the Procedural Guidelines for Implementation and Management of Outsourcing. The Group examines the risk-related issues, and assesses the suitability of each outsourcing partner with covered in the note respect to the issues including social aspects* such as human rights, labor conditions, and environmental initiatives.

* Social aspects refer to the occurrence of human rights violation, labor problems such as forced labor, excessive work hours, and health and safety, as well as measures to prevent and mitigate environmental pollution and climate change.

After the commencement of outsourcing, the Group checks the outsourcing partner more than once a year, monitors the performance of the outsourced operations, and, if necessary, asks for improvements.

Initiatives for Green Purchasing and Procurement

The T&D Insurance Group takes various initiatives to protect the global environment, based on the ‘T&D Insurance Group CSR Charter’ and the ‘T&D Insurance Group Environmental Policy.’ As one facet of these efforts, the Group has formulated its Group-wide Green Purchasing Standards to be applied when the Group procures or purchases the goods or services needed for its business operations. The Group promotes green purchasing and green procurement, giving priority to the purchase of goods or services that help reduce its environmental impact.

Green purchasing mainly targets office furniture, equipment and consumable supplies, while green procurement targets printing of product brochures and policy documents and procurement of real estate facilities and system equipment. Results of these activities are reported to the Group SDGs Committee and its upper organization, the Board of Directors, every six months.